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Bar and Plate

Bar & Plate

These rugged, compact, light-weight units are ideal for cooling oil or compressed air when cooling water is not available or not economically attractive. Typical applications can be found in the Compressor, On-Highway and Off-Highway Markets cooling lube oil, engine oil, charge air and compressed air.

API Airtech’s Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers are an all-aluminum bar & plate design featuring a wide variety of thermally efficient internal and external fin patterns. Fins are laid between aluminum braze sheets and fitted with header and face bars. The assembled unit is placed into a vacuum braze furnace where the components are unified. 

Manifolds designed to meet each customer’s particular piping requirements are welded into place to complete the cooler.

Size Range: 6” X 6” X 60” X 60”

Depth: 1-1/4” to 6″


  • Compressor air cooling
  • Lube Oil cooling
  • Water or Water / Glycol cooling 
  • Engine and hydraulic cooling
Combination Cooler

Combination Cooler

We can offer a combination cooler which consists of one cooling core constructed with two separate cooling loops able to cool to separate fluids. For example, an oil cooler can be packaged with a compressed air coolers, or a CAC combined with a radiator, to simplify installation. These units can also be assembled with a fan and motor for a self-contained unit.

Aluminum Fan Cooled Heat Exchangers

These compact and highly efficient Oil Coolers and Aftercoolers can be used for a variety of other applications. These units can be the perfect answer to applications where cooling requirements are remotely located, cooling water is unavailable or impractical or where coolants or oils are subject to freezing. 

These pre-engineered packages include an all-aluminum vacuum brazed bar & plate heat exchanger for superior durability and performance in a cost-effective, compact, light weight construction.   Motors can be supplied in either 60 hertz or 50 hertz AC versions, or 12 volt DC versions.  Both come complete with finger guard and shroud.