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Lube Oil Cooling / Hydraulic Oil Cooling


Applications in Lube Oil and Fluid Power Industry

Pre-Engineered Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

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The Basco Type 500 Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger offers the cost effectiveness that comes with having a standard design, while easily providing for various options to meet specific customer requirements.

Units are available as Commercial Standard, ASME or ASME/TEMA-C. The Type 500 line is intended to provide maximum service performance at minimum cost.

Type OP Heat Exchangers

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First introduced in 1962, the Basco OP design has proven to be the preferred TEMA Type AEW shell & tube heat exchanger in the market. The “OP”, or “O-Ring Protected” design features removable tube bundle, nozzle location flexibility, and a unique threaded O-ring retainer that permits removal of the reversing bonnet without disturbing the piping or draining the shell side fluid. Removal of the channel cover permits full inspection and cleaning of the tube side.

Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers

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Plate Heat Exchangers utilize corrugated plates stacked between a fixed and a movable pressure plate. The corrugation patterns alternate for maximum operating pressures. As virtually all of the material is used for heat transfer, Plate Heat Exchangers can have large amounts of effective heat transfer surface in a small footprint. It is common that a Plate Heat Exchanger will have the same thermal capacity as a Shell & Tube five times larger.

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

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Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers represent the most compact, rugged, and cost-effective means of transferring heat in many industrial and refrigerant applications. Built from 316 stainless steel with copper brazing materials, they provide exceptional corrosion resistance. The SB-Series features corrugated plates that produce highly turbulent flow in a true counter-current direction. This results in high efficiency and a very compact heat exchanger design. Due to the smaller size and reduced material content, they can be the most economical heat transfer choice.

Fan Cooled Heat Exchangers