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pipeline aftercoolers

Pipeline Aftercoolers

Pipeline Aftercoolers (PLAC) are designed to remove moisture and oil from compressed air steams. Usually coupled with a companion moisture separator, the pair are sized to remove virtually all particulate matter over the entire operating range. The tubes are arranged to maximize heat transfer and minimize the cooling water demand.

Although Pipeline Aftercoolers can be custom designed, there are pre-engineered designs to meet most compressor operating conditions.

  • Shell Size: 3″ to 16″ in diameter and 6′ to 10′-10″ length
  • Shell Material: Carbon Steel
  • Tubes: 3/8″ and 5/8″ diameter, straight, copper
  • Baffles: Carbon Steel or Brass


  • Removable tube bundle simplifies cleaning, inspection, and maintenance
  • Floating tubesheet, double packed accommodates for thermal expansion
  • Tell-tale holes allow easy visual detection of leaks
  • Standard design pressures of 75 psig. and 150 psig. plus higher design pressures are available
  • ASME and other design codes available