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Sanitary Construction Plate Heat Exchangers


API Heat Transfer’s line of Schmidt stainless steel Plate Heat Exchangers combine compactness, high thermal efficiency, low volumetric product hold-up inside the unit, and ease of inspection with the requirements for sanitary installations. Corrugated plates are available in 316 stainless steel, or exotic materials as required for long life. API’s SIGMA Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers come in a wide variety of plate configurations and frame designs to suit processors applications and budget. Various thermal plates are available for particulate-free low viscosity homogeneous fluids, medium viscosity liquids with fine suspended solids, high viscosity liquid foods, and those with higher concentrations of large suspended fibers.

Proper thermal treatment of liquid food products is essential to human safety; acceptable shelf-life; maintaining attractive taste, natural colour and fresh aroma; and even cost effective transportation. With our Schmidt brand of Plate Heat Exchangers and complete Thermal Process Systems, API Heat Transfer has over a century of experience providing innovative solutions to the; Pharmaceutical , Liquid Food, Beverage, Brewery and Dairy industries.

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