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Twisted Tube® Heat Exchanger

Twisted Tube

In some applications, conventional Shell and Tube Exchangers may not be the best solution.  Koch Heat Transfer looked at typical problems with shell & tube heat exchangers then solved them with a revolutionary tube shape and bundle construction. The result is better performance than ever before. Hundreds of TWISTED TUBE® exchangers have been operated under a wide variety of field conditions. Over the years, TWISTED TUBE® bundle technology has proven to be more efficient, reliable and trouble-free than any other exchanger. Ongoing research and product development ensures that Koch Heat Transfer Company customers get maximum performance from their TWISTED TUBE® heat exchangers.

For those processes that are limited by conventional heat exchangers, TWISTED TUBE® Heat Exchangers offer a better alternative by providing:

  • Increased heat transfer
  • Smaller exchangers or fewer shells
  • Elimination of vibration
  • Reduced fouling
  • Extended run times between cleanings
Koch Heat Transfer's

Koch Heat Transfer’s (formerly Brown Fintube) innovative Twisted Tube ® Design avoids the need for baffles. The unique helix shaped tubes are arranged in a triangular pattern. Each tube is firmly and frequently supported by adjacent tubes, yet fluid swirls freely along its length. This support system eliminates tube vibration, which is a common problem in some heat exchanger services.

The twist arrangement for baffle-free support with gaps aligned between the tubes also provides for easier cleaning on the shell side. Twisted Tube heat exchangers also have the highest heat transfer coefficient of all tubular heat exchangers.

While similar to traditional Shell and Tube Exchangers, a Twisted Tube Bundle can be installed in an existing conventional shell, providing the same benefits as listed above plus the opportunity to increase capacity and reduce pressure drop.

Typical Applications: