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Electric Heaters

Electric Heaters are unlike traditional Heat Exchangers in that they heat a fluid using electrical energy rather than thermal energy. Consequently, there is no heat balance from one side to another as you would have with other heat exchanger types in sensible heat transfer applications. Industrial Electric Heaters have many applications in the Refining, Power, Pulp and Paper, Food, Gas Engine and Gas Compression Industries as well as many varied applications in general process industries.

Other Heater Types

  • Flanged Heaters
  • Pipe Insertion Heaters
  • Screw Pug Heaters
  • Band and Cartridge Heaters
  • Strip Heaters
  • Drum Heaters
  • Process Air Duct Heater
  • Suction Heater
  • Radiant Heaters
  • Enclosure Heaters
  • Over-the-side Heaters
  • Open Top Tank Heaters