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Gas quality can have an important impact on the reliability and lifetime of a gas engine or turbine as well as an environmental impact. Untreated gas can result in fuel nozzle plugging from particulates & erosion of components exposed to high velocities in the gas system. Liquid carry-over in natural gas can result in premature combustion component distress (Fuel nozzles, etc). Gaumer Process provides gas heaters, scrubbers, filters / coalescers as well as conditioning systems that include multiple process to protect gas turbines and enhance efficiencies by delivering clean, dry superheated gas.



  • Skid mounted modular system with easy tie-in points
  • Detailed process simulation considering HC dew points, hydrate formation temperatures, pressure drops and erosional velocities
  • Quick availability based on pre-engineered design or custom engineered per equipment specifications
  • Major components to include:
    • Scrubber / KO Drum
    • Electric Pre-heater
    • Pressure Reduction Station
    • Filter Coalescers
    • Electric Super heater
    • Performance heater (Shell & Tube Exchanger)
    • Flow metering (custody and non-custody)
  • PLC control system
  • Complete process and mechanical guarantees
  • Training and start-up/site commissioning assistance
  • Global certifications such as ASME, PED, IECEx, ATEX, NR-13, etc.

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