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Hairpin Heat Exchangers



  • Well suited in applications where high thermal performance and a compact foot print is required
  • Use when application calls for process fluids on both the shell and tube sides with temperature cross
  • Provides true counter current flow which permits temperature crossing and a close temperature approach
  • Able to handle wide temperature differentials without the use of an expansion joint
  • Ease of maintenance – Long radius U-Bend
  • SAvailable in Removable Bundle and Non- Removable Bundle designs


  • Compact Footprint
  • Lower Weight
  • Ease of Maintenance – Long radius U-Bends
  • Pure Counter Current Flow for High Heat Recovery
  • Eliminates Differential Thermal Expansion Concerns


  • Space restricted areas
  • Viscous fluids or where suspended solids in a flow stream
  • Situations where flow induced vibration may be a problem
  • High flow rate ratios between shell side and tube side fluids

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