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Pre-Engineered Heat Exchangers

Basco Type 500 Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

The API Basco Type 500 Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger offers the cost effectiveness that comes with having a standard design, while easily providing for various options to meet specific customer requirements. Units are available as Commercial Standard, ASME ( CRN ) or ASME/TEMA-C ( with CRN ). Basco 500 heat exchangers are commonly used as compressor coolers. The Type 500 line is intended to provide maximum service performance at minimum cost.

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Basco/Whitlock Hub-Design Heat Exchangers

Similar to the API Basco Type 500 heat exchangers, API Heat transfer offers an extensive line of hub type heat exchangers that are pre-engineered to provide the cost and design advantages associated with standard heat exchangers. API offers hub replacement exchangers for their Basco, Whitlock and Ketema designs as well as other manufacturers. Sizes from 2” shell diameter to 8” with a variety of materials and tube diameters make Hub exchangers a very flexible alternative to custom designed heat exchangers.

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Thermal Transfer Products

Delta T Heat Exchangers supplies pre-engineered heat exchangers for the fluid power industry, including compressor, lube oil and hydraulic oil systems. Designed and manufactured by Thermal Transfer Products (TTP), we can replace existing water cooled or air-cooled exchangers or provide new or alterative designs for fluid power applications. We can also provide spare parts.

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Basco Type OP Heat Exchanger

The Basco OP design has proven to be the preferred TEMA Type AEW shell & tube heat exchanger in the market. The unique construction of the Basco OP permits inspection and maintenance of the tubeside without draining the shellside or disturbing the piping. The benefit is that these exchangers are Pre-Engineered so the design is set and the cost advantages and improved lead-time are passed on to the customers.

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Sanitary Heat Exchangers

Exergy sanitary shell & tube heat exchangers are designed to meet the high quality requirements and hygienic standards of the pharmaceutical industry. All product contact surfaces have a maximum surface finish of 20µin (0.5µm) Ra, and can be improved to 15µin (0.38µm) Ra or better with optional electropolishing. Available with single tubesheet or double tubesheet to eliminate risk of cross-contamination between the product and working fluids.

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Basco Pipeline After Coolers (PLAC)

The Basco PLAC aftercooler and companion separator provide an ideal combination to remove troublesome moisture from your compressed air or gas. The PLAC design has tubes effectively arranged to maximize heat transfer and reduce cooling water usage. Tubes are readily accessible for cleaning to maintain their high heat transfer efficiency and low pressure drop.

Available in shell sizes of 3″ to 16″ in diameter and 6′ to 10′-10″ length

Removable tube bundles allow cleaning of shell side surfaces. Fabricated according to ASME code with a CRN, PLAC’s are designed to operate 150psi maximum both sides.

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